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A day in Huilliche territory

An immersion in the local culture.

This unique adventure will take you to one of the most unknown corners of the Lake District to have a comprehensive opportunity of learning about the local culture and the wild and windy coasts of the south Pacific Ocean. This is a perfect combination of a morning of hike and sea landscapes and an afternoon sharing with a Huilliche community, learning about their history, music, medicine and cuisine.

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Destination: Maullín, Peninsula Amortajado and Hulliche community of Quechalen Aitue (Pargua Alto).

Length: Full Day

Difficulty Level: Low


Visit to the historical village of Maullín.

Navigation through the mouth of the River Maullín

Hike of 2 hours through Península Amortajado

(Low difficult, 4 miles)

Birdlife and Photo Opportunity

Visit to the Huilliche community of Quechalen Aitue

Cuisine, ancestral medicine, history and cultural interaction with the community

First Hand testimony about Mapuches in Chile.

Meals: Cooking demonstration with a local family.

Equipment suggested: Waterprooof gear, hat and sunscreen

Guide: Bilingual naturalist guide.

Equipment suggested: Waterprooof gear, hat and sunscreen

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