This specially designed adventure takes you to the most spectacular fjords of the Lake District region on a private boat, The Alba, built by the experts hands of the Chiloé carpenters.

The itinerary will cover untamed areas of the Palena province, full of exuberant forests, waterfalls and with possibilities to spot aquatic birds, dolphins, mammals and in some cases, whales. We will also explore Chiloe island, its nature, and the fishermen villages with a rich culture and history.


We start our adventure boarding the ship Alba at the port of Dalcahue, Chiloé, to explore some of its most unique canales. After a briefing about the activities and the life on board we set the navigation in direction to Butachauques islets. Today we will have the chance to do some hiking, ride zodiacs, kayaking or just discover the rich birdlife of this section of the archipelago. We also will have the possibility to set the crab traps and maybe get our dinner for the next night directly from the ocean.

Lunch & Dinner on board

Overnight on board



We navigate from Butachauque to Caleta Gonzalo, entrance of the Park Pumalín. Our vehicle will be waiting for us to reach the entrance of the park and spend the day hiking through this amazing and unique section of temperate rainforest. We will have the chance to spot endemic birds of the northern Patagonian forests plus the unique flora of this area while we will be walking through one of the most unspoiled parks of Chile.

Box Lunch and Dinner included

Overnight on board



We sail from Caleta Gonzalo to Bahía Pumalín. We start to navigate through the best areas for sea mammals observation. At the same time we also have the opportunity to visit a great breeding colony of birds and navigate the Quitacalzones River and walk through marshes and wetlands surrounded by stunning mountains and forests

Box lunch and dinner included

Overnight on board



We sail in direction to the west, from Bahía Pumalín to Quehui Island. We continue our sea mammals search, with some possibilities of seeing whales, dolphins and orcas. The village of Quehui give us the opportunity of a real immersion in the uniqueness of the Chiloé culture. We will visit its UNESCO site Church, the village and we will participate in the preparation of a traditional “Curanto”, the culinary specialty of Chiloé. In the afternoon guests will have the opportunity to choose among different activities including walks, kayaking or fishing in the lagoons located in the island.

Lunch and dinner included

Overnight on board



We sail from Quehui Island to Curaco de Vélez and Dalcahue. After three hours of navigation we arrive at the port for disembarkation. We spend the rest of the day exploring the island of Quinchao, visiting the villages of Curaco de Vélez and Dalcahue plus a walking tour of Castro, the capital of the island of Chiloé

End of the trip.

Includes :

  • Bilingual Naturalist Guide

  • Private Transportation

  • Complete equipment for observation (Scopes, magnifying glass, pocket microscopes, spotting scopes and torch for nocturnal observation)

  • Literature for consulting. Flora, birdlife, sea, land mammals, reptiles and amphibians. Bilingual editions

  • Ferries, private boat rides and entrance to parks or natural reserves

  • Breakfast, Box Lunch and Dinner where indicated in the itinerary


Important: The program may suffer changes in case of weather conditions that do not guarantee the safety operations of the activities scheduled

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